Janet Breceda Wright

Author and CEO

Janet Breceda Wright is an accomplished photographer, and now an author and CEO of a fledgling publishing company. The Audacious Little Princesses is Janet’s first published book, but one born from her own experiences and those of her daughters, all of whom struggled with issues of self-esteem, self worth, and gender limitations. She is excited to be able to give to girls and women everywhere, authentic stories that defy limitations and exemplify repeatedly that girls can do anything and can aspire to become anyone they can imagine themselves being.

Alyssa E. Wright-Myles


Alyssa E. Wright-Myles earned a B.A. in English Literature and an M.Ed. She is a published writer and is currently the English Department Chair at a California high school. Alyssa has taught literacy to at-risk elementary school children for whom English is not their first language,and directed a highly successful After-School Program for At-Risk middle school children. Alyssa’s participation in writing The Audacious Little Princesses with her mother and sister Nataly exemplifies the notion that obstacles can be overcome. That is the message she wants to send to little girls everywhere.

Nataly Michelle Wright


Nataly Michelle Wright with an M.Ed and a B.A. in English, spent 10 years as a secondary English teacher to many at-risk and gifted students. She recently left the profession to pursue two other worthy professions: writing and performing. Nataly, a published author and songwriter, is currently a working musical theatre and live performance artist. Creating, writing, and publishing The Audacious Little Princesses with her mother and sister has been a tangible dream that she passionately believes in, for the benefits of self-image and self-esteem it will build for her young readers.

Dano Marr


Dano Marr was born and raised in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Since he was young, he has always enjoyed drawing, so much so that he moved to Los Angeles to study art at the University of Southern California where he earned his B.A. in Fine Arts. The Audacious Little Princesses is his first illustrated storybook, a project he truly enjoyed making with the authors. He lives in California where he works as a designer and illustrator.